Sunday, November 23, 2014

First Piano Lessons : Let It Go from Frozen

Here's an interesting tips how to choose a first piano lessons for your kids:

And here the dilemma starts… you want to encourage a child to be ambitious with their piano pieces and know that if they love a piece you’re more than half-way there because they’ll be very keen to practice and want to play it. But you also know that this piece is too difficult for them and that they will probably find it a struggle.

It’s great for kids to have a special piece that excites them and that they are proud to perform. So what to do? Well many teachers would frown upon this, but I usually come to a compromise.
I’ll agree to help them learn the over-ambitious piece, as long as they realise that we are going to use some slightly different strategies (mainly memory and repetition) and of course lots of practice. It is really important that you emphasise that this approach can be used for special pieces, but it’s also vital to continue playing their regular standard pieces where they can actually read the notes and really understand the music.

I also came across a related article:

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